How do you manage a dental emergency?

Getting something stuck in your teeth can ruin your focus and distract you from enjoying your day. Any problem in the teeth that requires urgent dental care is considered as a dental emergency. After reading dental emergency you will be thinking of broken teeth and broken jaw, which are also dental emergencies. But dental problems like toothaches are also dental emergencies.

Below is a list of dental emergencies that you will come across and how to deal with them. Make sure to follow the precautions so your smile suffers the least damage.

1. Toothache

If you get a toothache –

  1. First, rinse your mouth with warm water.
  2. Clean your teeth thoroughly by brushing and flossing.
  3. Use a cold compress if your jaw is swollen.
  4. Soak cotton in clove oil and put it on the tooth to cure toothache.
  5. You can also use painkillers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen for temporary relief.
  6. If your pain doesn’t go away after flossing, seek dental care.
  7. Book your appointment at Westgate dental to get emergency dental care.

Toothaches can ruin your mood and steal your focus from work. Toothaches can be the result of some underlying disease, so make sure to get urgent dental care.

2. Broken teeth

If you get a broken tooth –

  1. Rinse your mouth with warm water.
  2. Stop the bleeding and put wet cotton on the area from where the tooth came out.
  3. Clean the broken teeth.
  4. Store the broken teeth in lukewarm milk or water because it might be restorable.
  5. Use a cold compress for swollen jaw or pain.
  6. Book an appointment at Westgate dental in the emergency room.

Broken teeth are often restorable so make sure to clean them properly and store them. Without proper treatment, these broken teeth can grow an infection and develop more serious problems. Click here to read in detail.

3. Chipped tooth

If you get a chipped tooth –

  1. Clean your mouth with water and salt solution.
  2. Put wet cotton on the broken teeth.
  3. Use a cold compress for relief from pain and control the swelling.
  4. Store the broken tooth in water or milk.
  5. You can search “emergency dental care near me” or “urgent dental care near me” or immediately call Westgate dental to book your appointment.

Chipped teeth can be restored by using a crown. A minor chipped tooth can be restored to its original cosmetics by just grinding them.

A chipped tooth can affect the aesthetics of your smile badly. Call and book your appointment in the emergency room for immediate treatment. Westgate dental has a special emergency room for dental emergencies like these. Expert dentists with decades of experience work here.

4. Broken braces

If you break your braces –

  1. Try to push the wire in a comfortable position so they don’t cut gums or soft tissues.
  2. Use orthodontic wax or cotton to cover the sharp edges of the wire.
  3. Use a gauze pad between your jaw to prevent damage to the jaw.

Wires used in braces are rough. They can cause bleeding in the gums and other soft tissues in the mouth. Immediately book an emergency appointment to fix your braces.

5. Broken denture

If you get a broken denture

  1. Do not try to fix it yourself or you might damage the denture more.
  2. Use a cold compress for swelling and pain.
  3. Keep a gauze pad between your jaw while you reach Westgate dental to prevent any damage to the mouth,
  4. Book your emergency appointment at Westgate dental and get your denture realigned or replaced.

Broken dentures can be caused due to underlying tooth decay or cavity. So. Make sure to see your dentist to check the cause of the denture breaking. Dentures need to be replaced every 10 years because our jaw changes shape with time.

6. Abscess or infection

Abscesses are pockets of pus that form in the gums, tissues on even the throat. Click here to read detailed symptoms and causes of abscess and infection. If you get a tooth abscess, immediately call Westgate dental and get it treated properly.

Abscesses are highly dangerous because they can spread all over your mouth and your body. An untreated tooth abscess can also lead to diseases like sepsis which is a life-threatening infection that spreads all over the body.

Tooth abscesses need expert treatment because if the infection is not treated with precision, the infection can return. Westgate Dental has dentists with decades of experience and a long list of healthy clients who recovered from tooth abscesses. Book your appointment now and don’t give the infection any more time to spread.

You can avoid a serious amount of damage and protect the aesthetics of your smile if you see a dentist at the right time. Whenever you notice some problem in your mouth, immediately see a dentist.

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