How to choose a mouthguard for you?

It is always wiser to wear a mouthguard than to smile with a missing tooth. If you are someone who plays contact sports like football or basketball, mouthguards are a must. Mouthguards are given great importance in preventive dentistry.

You put yourself at risk of getting an injury if you play sports do adventure. But dental care is mostly ignored while you are at an equal risk of getting a dental injury. A small miss-happening can severely damage the beauty of your face and cost you thousands of dollars. Leave the number of dental visits you will need.

There are a variety of mouthguards available, but if you are wondering which one you should get, read further.

Different types of mouthguards

These are the different types of mouthguards and their qualities. You can choose a mouthguard based on your needs.

1. Stock mouth protectors

Stock mouth protectors are general mouthguards available at sporting goods stores. They do not fit perfectly and cause problems with breathing.

They are not very strong and do not provide much protection to your teeth. Dentists do not recommend the usage of these in contact sports.

2. Boil and bite

These are made from a thermoplastic material. These mouthguards are first placed in boiling water to soften them and then wear them.

These provide a better fitting than the stock mouth protectors. But these too are not strong enough to be used in sports and adventure activities.

3. Custom-fitted mouthguards

Custom-fitted mouth protectors are highly advised to be used in preventive dentistry. These are custom-made by professional dentists based on an impression of your teeth. These are the most comfortable and provide the most protection to your teeth.

These mouthguards are made by professional dentists to fit perfectly on your teeth. Because of the method used in making them, they are extremely comfortable.

4. Dental nightguards

These mouthguards have many names like nocturnal bites, bite splints, nightguards, and many more. These are meant for people with a habit of grinding their teeth at night. This condition is called bruxism.

Dental nightguards protect your teeth from the physical damage that can be caused because of the grinding. They also prevent many complications caused because of bruxism like headaches, pain in the jaw, problems in sleeping, and toothaches. Since bruxism has no known cure, dental nightguards are a great preventive dental service for it.

What to look for in a mouthguard?

1. Comfort - Your mouthguard should be comfortable to wear, or else it can even cause damage.

2. Easy for cleaning - Dirty mouthguards make your teeth dirty. Buy a mouthguard with a simple shape that’s easy to clean.

3. Comfortable breathing - Many cheap mouth protectors cause discomfort in breathing. An ideal mouthguard doesn’t hinder your breathing.

4. Durability - Mouthguards should be strong so they can withstand physical force.

5. Fitting - Your guard should fit perfectly in your mouth. Custom-fitted guards are best.

Custom-fitted mouthguards made by dentists are the ideal mouthguards. They are high quality and comfortable. They are made especially for your teeth impression, so they have a perfect fit.

Why you should get a mouthguard?

If you are wondering why you should get mouthguards, the answer is simple, to protect your teeth from injury. But some other benefits of using mouthguards are –

  1. They are easy to wear and provide immense protection to your teeth.
  2. Prevents damage to the gums and lips.
  3. Prevents the expenditure of treatment for broken or chipped teeth.
  4. Protects the strength and beauty of your teeth.
  5. Very important in preventive dentistry to protect teeth from physical damage.

How are custom-fitted mouthguards made?

The custom-fitted mouthguards are made by dental clinics with preventive dental services like Westgate Dental. The guard is made according to the shape of your teeth to perfectly fit in your mouth.

The dentist will take an impression of your teeth. Then a special material is used to make your mouthguard according to the impression. These are thoroughly examined and aligned to perfectly fit in your mouth.

Then your mouthguard is ready to guard your teeth against physical forces and protect the strength and beauty of your teeth.

The amount of damage because of any physical injury can be reduced to a great extent by using a mouthguard. A great amount of pain and money can be saved. You will not only save yourself a huge amount of inconvenience, but you can also protect the attractiveness of your smile. Request an appointment at Westgate dental if you want a custom mouthguard made.

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