What are the four common dental emergencies?

Imagine you are enjoying your favorite ice cream at your home. And suddenly, you start feeling throbbing toothache. Or you are enjoying your favorite candy, and as you bite it, you break your teeth. These types of dental emergencies are common. However, these accidents can leave a scar on the beauty of your smile or shake the strength of your teeth.

These accidents can be avoided with some precautions that you will read further. But if you cannot avoid accidents, you can surely limit damage by providing urgent dental care. Below you will read four common dental emergencies and steps you can take to control the damage to your smile.

Westgate Dental is one of the best dental clinics in Ann Arbor, Michigan for these types of emergencies because we have experienced doctors with decades of experience in emergency dentistry. Call and book your appointment in the emergency room to get immediate treatment as you reach.

1. Toothaches

If you get a toothache –

  1. Rinse your mouth with warm water.
  2. Check if anything is stuck between your teeth.
  3. Clean your mouth by brushing and flossing.
  4. Soak cotton in clove oil and put it on the tooth with pain.

But, if the toothache doesn’t go away, the reason can be some underlying disease. See your dentist so you can avoid the disease from spreading and getting worse. The toothache can be caused by an underlying decay, abscess, or crack in the tooth. You can also use painkillers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen for temporary relief from the pain.

If the toothache doesn’t go away after cleaning the mouth, see a dentist. Any toothache lasting for more than two days needs urgent dental care. Book your appointment at Westgate Dental and consult a dentist to treat the source of the pain.

2. Knocked-out teeth

If you accidentally knock your tooth out –

  1. Wash your mouth with salt and water solution.
  2. Stop the bleeding by pressing the area from where the tooth came out.
  3. Use a cold compress for relief from the pain and swelling.
  4. Collect the broken teeth and clean them properly.
  5. Store the broken teeth in lukewarm milk or water.
  6. Put wet cotton on the area from where the teeth came out.

Knocked-out teeth are often restorable so make sure to store the broken teeth. Store the broken teeth in milk or water to protect them from drying. Do not leave the broken teeth open because they can develop an infection.

Knocked-out teeth are serious dental emergencies. Without professional treatment, they can leave serious damage to the strength and beauty of your smile. You can search “emergency dentist near me” or book your appointment in advance at Westgate dental to avoid any delay in treatment as you reach us.

3. Chipped or cracked teeth

If you get chipped or cracked teeth –

  1. Put wet cotton on the impacted teeth.
  2. Store the broken pieces of the teeth.
  3. Clean the chipped pieces and remove any dirt or debris.
  4. Store the pieces in milk or water.

Chipped teeth often need a crown to recover the aesthetics of the teeth. But minor chipped teeth can only be treated by a little grinding in many cases. After getting a crack or a chip, the teeth not only start to look unattractive but also become very weak. A crown is very necessary to protect you from teeth sensitivity and further damage to the teeth. Call to contact our dentist to get proper treatment and protect your teeth from further damage.

4. Dental abscesses

Dental abscesses are when pockets of pus start to form in the gums, mouth, tooth, or throat. This is a serious disease and cannot be treated without professional dentists.

If you get a dental abscess -

  1. Do not try to bust the pockets of pus.
  2. Do not use any foreign objects on the infection.
  3. See a dentist as soon as you can.

A dental abscess is treated by draining the pockets of pus and then cleaning the area. Abscesses can develop inside the tooth into a pulp. In such a condition, the patient will need an emergency root canal after draining the tooth and cleaning it.

Click here to read in detail about dental abscesses. If you see any symptoms of a dental abscess or notice a pocket of pus forming in your mouth, immediately book your appointment at Westgate dental and get all the necessary treatment.

How to avoid dental emergencies?

  1. Maintain dental hygiene by brushing and flossing daily.
  2. Use a mouthguard while playing sports and doing adventures.
  3. Avoid high-sugar foods.
  4. Avoid hard and sticky foods like hard candies or rough meat.
  5. Eat healthy and nutritious food.
  6. Use good quality toothbrushes and toothpaste.
  7. Keep your toothbrush clean and replace it regularly.
  8. Get regular dental checkups to treat any growing diseases.

A dental emergency can leave unattractive scars. This can be avoided with proper care and treatment. Rotting teeth cause no symptoms before they get very worse, but they can be avoided with regular dental checkups. Book your appointment for a regular checkup right now at a convenient time. Your road to a healthy smile starts here.

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