What happens in a routine dental checkup?

People don’t go to dentists because of fear, even though the American dental association recommends getting dental check-ups twice a year. This happens mainly because of the strange grinding noises that come during the dental cleaning.

But you will not fear these noises when you know what is going on during the procedure. Dental checkups are very necessary for your dental health because they help you detect diseases before they become severe. This will save you from pain, expenditure, and regular visits for treatment. Dentists can spot and treat any tooth decay or cavity growing in some corner of your mouth.

You will further read what happens during a dental checkup. A dental checkup has 3 main parts, cleaning, examination, and instructions.

The procedure of dental checkup

1. Meeting the receptionist

As you will enter the clinic, you will be greeted by the receptionist with a warm smile. The receptionist will confirm your appointment and ensure the smooth flow of your checkup.

You will be asked to fill out a form regarding your general information. The form will also have questions about your medical history and any medical condition you have that needs special care.

Then you will meet our hygienist mentioned further.

💡 PS - You are recommended to contact Westgate dental and book your appointment in advance to avoid any trouble.

2. Dental cleaning

After doing the paperwork, you will get a thorough cleaning of your teeth. All of the plaque or tartar will be cleaned off so there is no place where bacteria can grow in your mouth. Every corner of your teeth will be cleaned and all the stains and debris will be cleaned.

Your teeth will be made sparkling clean so there is no debris where bacteria can grow in your mouth. During the cleaning process, the dentist will use professional tools to clean your mouth which will make some strange noises. But they don’t do any harm to you so you can relax.

Dentists might even give you a scaling and root planing, in which plaque is removed from below the gum line. Scaling also makes strange scaling noises which are completely normal.

This cleaning will make your teeth look as clean as a pearl and make your smile even more attractive. Along with an attractive smile, you will also get cleaner teeth with no threat to decay because there is area where bacteria can grow.

After the cleaning your medical history will be checked, which is mentioned further.

3. Checking the history

For the best checkup experience, it is necessary to know your medical history. This will help the dentists make any changes in the procedure depending on your medical condition.

You will have to tell the dentists about the medications you take, any diseases you have, or your pregnancy. If you have any anxiety or stress during the procedure, please tell the dentists so they can help you.

After knowing about your history, your dental examination will start, which is mentioned further.

4. Dental examination

This is the most important part of a dental checkup. The dentist will examine your mouth to detect any ingrowing diseases and check the condition of your dental health.

Dentists use a small mirror to check every part of your mouth and teeth to check their condition. This will help the dentist detect any decay or cavity affecting your mouth. Diseases like gingivitis or rotting teeth can be detected easily.

After the dental exam, you will be given the required treatment if any disease is detected. This helps in treating the diseases in the very initial stages. You will also get advice further based on this dental exam.

After the dental exam, you will get an X-Ray scan mentioned further.

5. X-Ray scanning

Major diseases and problems can be detected in dental examinations. But minor cracks in your teeth cannot be detected easily and they require X-Ray scans. This scanning will help the dentist check the roots of the teeth below the gum line.

Based on the X-Ray scans and the dental exam, your overall dental health will be examined by expert dentists. Based on this examination, advice and instruction will be given, mentioned further.

6. Advice and instructions

Based on your dental exam and X-ray scans, your overall dental health is examined. And if any disease is detected, you will be given the necessary treatment.

After that, you will be advised on how you can improve your dental health and strengthen your weaker parts. If you face danger from any disease, you will be instructed on how you can avoid it. You can also discuss with the dentist and when you should visit them next. This professional advice will help you maintain optimum dental health.

Points to remember during a dental checkup

  1. Book your appointment in advance before reaching the clinic to avoid any trouble.
  2. Inform the dentist about any drugs you use, like weed, alcohol, or tobacco.
  3. Inform the dentist if you feel any kind of fear or anxiety.

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You can save yourself from a lot of diseases growing in some corners of your mouth with a simple dental checkup. Our dentists with decades of experience will examine you and recommend how you can stay safe from these dental diseases. All you have to do is contact Westgate dental and book your appointment at a convenient time. Your road to a healthy smile starts here.

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