Which preventive dental treatment should you get?

With the fast-growing technology, we now have more preventive dental services than ever. Each one of them has promising effects on your dental health. With more options, it is easy to get confused. So, if you don’t know which preventive dental treatment you should get, read further.

Preventive dental treatment consists of treatment and instructions to maintain your dental hygiene and keep your teeth strong. The dentist will give the treatment to you and guide you on how to maintain your dental health.

There are many prevention methods a dentist can give you, here are some detailed treatments you can get to protect your teeth from damage and diseases.

5 Preventive dental treatments you can get

1. Dental examination

If you face danger from any disease, it can be only treated or prevented when the danger is detected.

This is done in a dental examination. The dentist will check your teeth for any ingrowing disease. If you have any infection, it will be treated in the early stage before it becomes severe. Dentists can also recommend some remedies to strengthen the weaker parts of your health which can potentially grow diseases.

Experts recommend getting dental examinations twice a year to maintain optimum dental health. During the examination, dentists can also recommend treatment which will be the best for your dental health.

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2. Fluoride treatment

Fluoride treatments help recover the minerals your teeth lose every day. It makes your teeth stronger and makes them look better by re-mineralizing them.

Your teeth lose minerals every day because of toxins produced by plaque and other reasons. These minerals are not fully recovered by your normal diet. This makes your teeth lose enamel and become weak, but fluoride treatment stops it. Fluoride strengthens your teeth by recovering their minerals. It makes your teeth strong and provides them sensitive teeth prevention.

Fluoride treatment is a quick procedure that takes only a few minutes. Fluoride is applied to your teeth in the form of varnish, rinse, gel, or foam which reacts with your teeth. Fluoride not only makes your teeth strong but also recovers the damage done to them.

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3. Dental cleaning

Nobody likes dirty teeth. Because of poor hygiene and improper diet, plaque starts to form over your teeth. Plaque is a thin layer of starch that grows over your teeth.

Plaque cannot be cleaned by regular brushing and flossing. And if plaque is not cleaned, bacteria start to grow over your teeth and start infecting your teeth. This can develop decay, cavities, and even gum diseases which can make you lose your teeth.

This requires professional dental cleaning. Dentists will clean your teeth and remove any debris in your mouth where bacteria can grow. Your teeth will become strong and they will look more attractive. Dentists recommend getting dental cleaning twice a year.

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4. Protective sealant

The teeth in the front of your mouth are smooth and easier to clean. But the teeth at the back of your jaw have uneven and rough surfaces. Their position and shape makes them harder to clean and easier to get food stuck. The food stuck between them becomes a feeding ground for bacteria and develops decay and cavities.

The molars are 45% more likely to develop a cavity. And this can be prevented with sealant treatment.

Sealant is a protective layer of plastic that covers the teeth at the back of your jaw and prevents them from developing any infection. The procedure for sealant treatment is quick and painless. It takes only a few minutes to apply and one coating can last up to 10 years.

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5. Custom-fitted mouthguards

If you are someone who plays contact sports or does other adventurous activities, you face a risk of damaging your teeth or even losing them. One miss-happening can make you smile with missing teeth.

The normal protective guards are uncomfortable to wear and they are not much strong. They cause problems in breathing when you wear them.

But you can protect your teeth and smile by getting a custom mouthguard made. They are very comfortable to wear and very strong. The best protective measure you can take as a sportsman for your teeth is to get a custom mouthguard.

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These were some of the most effective preventive dental services available in preventive dentistry. You can also contact Westgate dental and book your appointment for a dental checkup. Our expert dentists will thoroughly check your mouth and recommend any treatment you need.

This will also help you find out how good is your dental health what you can do to make it better. You can also save a lot of inconvenience by treating any ingrowing disease before it becomes severe.

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